More and more data:


Risk, privacy and other challenges for individuals and organizations


Presentation announcement – Department of Psychology

Presenter: Dr. Debora Jeske

University College Cork, Ireland


Time:         Monday, 29 May 2017, 5pm

Place:       Lecture Room no 124, College of Education Building #2,

 Korea University (고려대학교 사범대학 신관 124)



In this talk she will touch on several points. First, digital footprints, data challenges and (lack of) guidelines on how data about others are managed. Second, the impact of poor data or inappropriate data use for individuals and organizations (example: adverse impact, applicant dropouts and withdrawal of applicants). And third, my talk will briefly touch on new trends such as big data and triangulation, as these trends raise new questions of utility vs. privacy and replicability. The talk will be open to everybody who has an interest in learning about new data challenges for individuals such as applicants, managers and organizations.


About the presenter


Dr. Debora Jeske is a lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Work and Organisational Psychology at University College Cork, Ireland. Prior to coming to Ireland in 2016, she worked as a lecturer in Human Resource Management in Scotland, UK. In addition, she has been involved in a number of inter-disciplinary research projects. She originally graduated with a PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Northern Illinois University, USA (2011). She subsequently held two post-doctoral appointments between 2011 and 2015 in Germany and the UK (on topics including e-learning and behavioral interventions to support organizational cybersecurity efforts).

Her research interests include psychology and technology at work (including e-HRM, ethics at work, information/ data management at work, Human Computer Interaction). Her publications appeared in journals such as “Internet Research”, “Computers & Security”, “New Technology, Work and Employment”, “Personal and Ubiquitous Computing”, “Frontiers in Psychology”, “Organizational Dynamics”, “Education & Training”, “Work, Employment and Society”, “The International Journal of Training & Development”, “Journal of Career Assessment”, and “Development and Learning in Organizations: An International Journal”. For more information, please visit her staff and research profiles online:;;

Contact details: Dr. Debora Jeske, School of Applied Psychology, University College Cork, North Mall, Cork, Co. Cork, Republic of Ireland. E-mail: